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The heritage and unique place to dine out

The menu of our restaurant is combination of traditional recipes with imported ingredients from other countries and served with the original style of Omah Dhuwur

Try our amazin traditional drinks with lemon grass, cloves and ginger or order a freshly made juice

We serve a la carte menu every day and also providing buffet menu or set menu for special occasion with reservation


  • Buffet 1

    sup, nasi, ayam, fuyunghai, capcay, mie goreng, kerupukm sambal, acar, buah, air putih, teh

    Rp 67,200
  • Buffet 2

    sup, nasi, kakap, telur, lodeh, capcay, bihun, kerpuk, sambal, acar, buah, air putih, teh manis

    Rp 84,000
  • Buffet 3

    sup kimlo, nasi, ayam goreng, kakap bakar, gulai jantung pisang, tumis jagung, kerupuk, sambal, acar, puding, air putih, teh manis, es jeruk

    Rp 100,800
  • Buffet 4

    sup asam tahu pong, nasi, pepes ayam, gurame, ca pak coy udang, tumis tempe, mie goreng, kerupuk, sambal, acar, buah, air putih, teh - kopi, es jeruk

    Rp 112,000
  • Buffet 5

    sup kembang tahu, nasi,ayam panir, kakap bakar, sapi lada hitam, gulai jantung pisang, capcay, kerupuk, sambal, acar, es buah, pisang goreng keju, air putih, teh-kopi

    Rp 146,000
  • Buffet 6

    soto ayam, nasi, rendang, ayam, gurame, cah udang, lodeh, mie goreng, kerupuk, sambal, acar, buah, puding, air putih, teh-kopi, es kelapa muda

    Rp 157,000

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