Service Fee

To help Anoa run smoothly and to cover the costs of the products and services we provide, we charge a service fee when a booking is confirmed.

We have some different service fee structures as below:

Host service fees

We charge providers who offer jobs, events, rentals & services a 10% service fee per transaction. This is calculated based on the price of the experience and is automatically deducted from the provider’s payout. 

Customer service fees

We currently do not charge customer service fee for listing business/ products/ services/ jobs/ events.

VAT charges on service fees

Depending on the laws of the jurisdiction involved, VAT may be charged on top of the provider and customer service fee. The service fee will include VAT charges PPN 10%.

How Rekan Anoa make money in app

Rekan Anoa also can make money by add value on “reservation fee” field in listing process, beside the basic price of products & services. The price should be relevance with provided product & services. 

Provider & Rekan Anoa payout schedule

Provider will receive a payout every 3 days after the transaction in term of status service order is delivered & being received by customer.
Rekan Anoa will receive commissions payout every 3 days after transaction also.
Payable balance at least IDR 50,000 for auto payout requests to work. 

Payout scheduled on the weekend, will be processed on the next working day.