Get Yours Now

1. Join Anoa

Create an account or log in to get started and get your first 2,500 points.

2. List your business 

Use your account to publish your business rental or service. Get 2,500 points for first listing in Anoa.
For Rekan Anoa, get more extra 2,000 points for listing a new business rental or service 1 time (limited to 5 per day)

3. Plan your event & providers network

Book & make orders such as: rentals, services, or events in Anoa and you can get more points for each transactions.

4. Get fun everyday & share

1,000 Points will be added to your account every time you refer to other to sign up on Anoa.

5. Use your points

You can use your points for your payments as price discount.

*1 point equal IDR 1